Premium Coffee Collection


With our Coffees, we take the difficult leg work out of finding great tasting premium specialty blend coffees.  We work with several coffee roasters, each specializing in different roasting techniques, coffee bean origins and the experience associated with developing complex delicate coffee bean roast flavors.  Then we add our magic by formulating and creating our own creative specialty blends using great coffee and organic and all-natural ingredients.  Our coffee beans are organic and Fair Trade.

Explore and read our coffee product descriptions for specific coffee flavor profiles, select a coffee, brew, sip and enjoy!  And, of course, come back for more of the same or try something new…

Brewing Tip: - Since our premium specialty blend coffees are made only with organic and 100% pure natural spice ingredients, they require a little more care when brewing.  French press method is the recommended choice and provides the most flavorful coffee.  The process is easy and it well worth the extra step.  We offer a reasonably priced coffee press so everyone can experience great coffee.  We do not use any artificial flavors. 

French Press Brewing Instructions:  14 g to 16 g depending on your taste and if using milk or a creamer for every 8 oz. of boiling water.  Let steep 4 minutes and enjoy. We believe the best coffee should not be wasted.  We recommend 14 g per 8 oz. cup if you like to drink it black and 14 g to 16 g if you add milk or creamer.  If you have an exceptionally weak taste palette, then go stronger.  

Drip Coffee:  We recommend 14 g per 8 oz cup if you like to drink it black and 14 g to 16 g if you add milk or creamer and make a 2-cup minimum for flavor consistency during brewing.  No matter what type of filter you use, some flavor is lost through drip coffee machines.  To maximize coffee flavor, we recommend filters whitened using a bleach free, oxygen-based method and with no glues chemicals. 

For maximum freshness, always grind your coffee beans right before you brew.

All flavors are sugar-free, dairy free and vegan friendly.